Brave Heart

It was wonderful to engage discussion with this man, I know that he has a brave heart.

In Circles

I spent a few minutes observing the rain. It could be as interesting as a sunset!

Explosion of light

Morning where the light explode are the best


We make one with Nature


This is a very special egg and we are all waiting for the decisive moment.


House needs love. Peace will provide shelters.


Unlock the past to reveal the secrets.


Trees are growing to remind us the time going by.


"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures." Jessamyn West


The curtain falls ...


Time goes but memories are never erased.


Home is where you live.


A home is our shelter. This is the reason it feels like home.


I am the lonely waiting for Spring. I will breathe again.

Oil Rush

This is the early days of Oil drilling, it was a rush, and it is still link to the energy challenge we are facing.


Us and our companions leave trace on the beach


It is sad to think about the families, parents, kids that used to live there … or maybe it's cheerfull.


The curtain is falling, this is the end of the show.


Emotions cannot be in prison.


I like to imagine this house being rejuvenated.

In Tears

And the sky let go of all its tears. In a puddle, the story of my past.


This house was built when Canada was only 32 years old. In the meantime, Canada entered the Boer War in South Africa (October 30) when the first Canadian troops were sent overseas. Soldiers could not use the newly invented tape recorder (magnetic steel tape) by Valdemar Poulsen, Denmark. Nonetheless, The house is now abandoned, waiting for nature to take over.


They were farmers feeding cities. Who knows where the food is coming from now.


This was a morning where vapour became frost.


Square, it looks solid, curtains still dressing the windows. Spirits are still present, I know.


The trees are growing around me, like they know that I am part of them. Once upon a time, people felt rooted at this place because of me.


A few leafs, this is all there is but not for long as new life will emerge.

The tree and its companion

It feels lonely but it should not as there is always someone around.

Rock in a window

This is what happened when you throw rocks at a window.


Fall impression, beautiful season.


We are building are own prison.


The reds of Fall are marvelous, it exites the senses. I would live in a climate where Fall is eternal

River of hope

When the wind is spleeping, the is always the river to carry you.


A rainy day is feeding the trees and the lakes. It is also our times to find new energy.


I found an old bike on the street. Despite its age, it did not get use very much; I can see.


I was in bloom but it is over. Not quite as I will multiply soon


I am just a flower for the enjoyment of your senses.

Curtain Falling

Sunset is when the curtain is falling.

Window of time

I can imagine the life once upon a time while looking thru the window of the past.

Keep on Trucking

This truck was made by General Motors Chevrolet division around 1948 or a bit later.

Gone with the wind

As the wind comes they are gone.

Horse Play

This farm is unique in our area. I finally got time to take an image of it and tell a story.

bear with me

Sitting on a chair, close to a bear.

Flower Pot

"You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses." Ziggy


The most delicate survives harsness

Like Spring Sky

Spring is the revival of nature.


The strangest things happen, it is possible.

Flower Power

We need energy to keep living.


Power generation or generation of new power. I am pro-wind and I want to see it grow, getting better and accepted.


The bluewater bridge, border crossing between Sarnia, ON and Port Huron, MI.

Curves of winter

winter has its beauty. it shapes the landscape and makes live sculpture, wonderful.