This could be a fresco from ancient greece but instead, this is a modern digital creation. Made from a water reflection as a starting point, then adding elements as I see fit.


Unrooted in front of the force of nature.


It needs a new porch, the sun will still rise.

Big Bear

It could be big bear creek, or closer. The forest behind is my home.


After the the winter, there will be spring, life goes on.

Back to school

Kids will be back to school next week but not in this one, left alone.


Abandoned for cause of fire. It will never be the same again, maybe gone soon.


Days are passing by like storms do.

Oil Rush

This is the early days of Oil drilling, it was a rush, and it is still link to the energy challenge we are facing.


Time goes but memories are never erased.


"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures." Jessamyn West