Sure Shot

Another old car found at the old oil wells.


At the sunset of its life, it can still make someone happy!


Where steel meets water early spring.

Snow Man Factory

I ran into a snow man factory close to home.


Home is where you live.

Farming under snow

This is the quiet time of the year for the farmers. At least for the ones growing cereals.


White and cold, bitter cold.


This is the time we rest, in the cold and in the wind.

The tree and its companion

It feels lonely but it should not as there is always someone around.

Rock in a window

This is what happened when you throw rocks at a window.


Fall impression, beautiful season.


We are building are own prison.


The reds of Fall are marvelous, it exites the senses. I would live in a climate where Fall is eternal


This could be a fresco from ancient greece but instead, this is a modern digital creation. Made from a water reflection as a starting point, then adding elements as I see fit.

River of hope

When the wind is spleeping, the is always the river to carry you.


A rainy day is feeding the trees and the lakes. It is also our times to find new energy.


I was in bloom but it is over. Not quite as I will multiply soon


I am just a flower for the enjoyment of your senses.

Curtain Falling

Sunset is when the curtain is falling.


I am the lonely waiting for Spring. I will breathe again.


I am dormant for the cold season. I look at the sunset every day; it keeps me at peace.

The heron and the moon

Out for a late lunch, i guess not too late since the sun just set.

The visitor

Love fatbiking in the winter while the bear are sleeping ... wait a minute

Super Moose

Seeing a moose is always very special


Frozen in time of change, nothing is static

Nowhere to Go

There is hope if we choose to see the path.