I love blue said the yellow one.

Wind from the North

Wind from the North raised its head, the lake was raging, loved it.


Wild flowers are always delicate and things of beauty

Morning Blues

It could have been a monday morning blues but today was good. The fog was just prelude to the sunny day.


Staying behind to help the birds for the harder times coming.


Bright red calling for birds!


Pretty flower and delicate colours!


Soaking the sunlight and waiting for the bees.

Ball of Fire

Marvelous sunset by one of the Great Lakes.

True Colours

This image has more into it than you might see at the first glance. What else do you see?


Take time to look within your soul.


Open to the sky, ready to welcome the snow.

Rolling Fire

Captive energy, too much to contain


The lake is being covered by ice after the cold week.

Return to dust

Leading lines

Very inviting road, I was loving the drive.

Feu du matin

Morning fire burning the dew.


Nobody is home


The last of Autumn colours, always too short but beauty is fleeting. Carpe diem.

Rest pad

I imagine soaking the sun laying on this pad.

Drifted Away

It could be the start of a new chapter, the closing of a story.

Soft Morning

Calm, fresh and crisp. It was worthwhile to stop.

Mr Beaver

A beaver was there a little while ago, could you see its mark?


A splash of color to motivate spring